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Don Gordon Suited



Don Gordon is the creator of Elite Wellness  providing simple plans and solutions for health and fitness success. He holds a BSc (Hons) in nutritional science is Chairman of the UK charity - The Ring Chromosome 20 Research Support UK CIO which helps families affected by a rare epilepsy syndrome . Don has also spoken for or consulted with major corporate health brands and educational institutions


Don’s athletic career includes training with some of the most decorated Karate athletes and coaches in England and he holds a 3rd degree black belt, and has competed as a masters triathlete since 2005.


Don enjoys sharing projects and has learned from with top experts in their fields including Matt Lovell, the UK’s top sports nutritionist, Dr Stuart McGill the world’s leading back and spine expert and Master Titan Lam a leading traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Tai Chi master this knowledge and experience he shares with his clients. Most importantly, he has a fun and caring approach that provides education and tools to help you make your life and your health thrive.


He regularly produces resources through video teaching aids, courses, and workshops, and is a popular presenter and speaker with many appreciative health advocates - Bidvine.


Don is dedicated to helping you grow your capabilities and resources and getting you to that next level of empowering health, no matter where you are in the process right now. Don also offers limited personal nutrition and wellness coaching consulting to institutions and businesses.